08 May 2008

What Does This Mean...Again?

Yesterday, over at Augsburg 1530, Mollie wrote:
Why is the LCMS advertising for a radio show host for KFUO-AM? I thought they just fired a radio show host for purely financial reasons?
Why is it that when I click on that link - and even copy and paste the URL in to my browser - I only get the LCMS main webpage? What happened to the job announcement for the position that was terminated (Pr. Wilken's position, that is) in order to save money? Has the announcement be removed to save face?


  1. Did they remove it to save face? That is perhaps the case. I do wonder however, if it is the case as noted in a comment over at Augusburg1530 that they already had a candidate in mind and only posted it as a formaility in the first place! Either way it is interesting that it disappeared so quickly.

  2. It's like the mysterious disappearance of the Herb Hoefer mission paper.

    Spoooky . . . ;)

  3. Twilight Zone music--I hear Twilight Zone music! Maybe the problem isn't anything more than the I.T. guys are exceedingly bored and need to perpetually delete things to keep themselves occupied. Either that, or maybe they realized that for programmatic and stewardship reasons they couldn't actually afford to hire another person and, realizing their error, they pulled the post--nah.