05 May 2008

A Must Listen!

Here's an interview with Ms. Mollie Hemingway on the April 24th edition of the nationally syndicated radio program "Way of the Master Radio." WOTM is geared toward Evangelicals burned out on pop-evangelicalism, and here it gives a much needed call/warning to the LCMS (as it seems to head so longingly into the murky waters of pop-evangelicalism!).

Listen to the interview with Mollie here.


  1. Pr. Asburry, Thanks for the post. My wife and I both listened with rapt attention. I find it fascinating that even non-Lutherans are anxiously watching and hoping for confessional Lutheranism to win the day.

  2. Most fascinating indeed! And even more fascinating is that we Lutherans tend to think we're being "cutting edge," when really we're only trying to adopt what many of our non-Lutheran friends figured out was vacuous long ago.

  3. Amen! You'd think grown people would know by now that once the new thing is no longer new, it's not so appealing.
    I can't believe how hard their labors, to birth this new baby. They make natural childbirth look easy!
    In many ways, the work of the confessional is much easier, not having to hide or obfuscate anything.
    Susan R