19 May 2008

From a "Rebellious Pastor's Wife"

I always knew pastor's wives could be trouble (but, shhh!, don't tell my wife that! ;-). Check out this rather insightful post from one pastor's wife who seems to be reveling in her rebelling. While we all need to conquer our rebellious tendencies with salutary repentance ;-), RPW certainly has some sage and shrewd things for us to read and ponder.

(BTW, I like the picture of the cat on her blog, even if it does give that eerie sense that someone's watching me. I wonder how I could get my Beagles, Porthos & Gimli to appear like that? ;-)


  1. What cool names for Beagles! I'm glad you like the cat. :)

  2. Thanks, RPW. Is that a picture of your own cat, or just one that you like enough to put on your blog?