30 May 2008

King Richard the Third

We just returned from watching Act I of "The Tragedy of King Richard the Third" put on by "Shakespeare Festival St. Louis." Tonight's show was canceled at Intermission on account of the impending thunderstorm (and thankfully so, since the rain has come pouring down, now that we're home!). This is the eighth year of a Shakespeare play performed in Forest Park here in St. Louis.

I hadn't read or watched this tragedy from Shakespeare before, but what a foray into the darkness of egomania, by Richard, and what a body count, just in Act I. There's nothing like a classic story to reinforce the dictum that power corrupts and to display the fruits of humanity's fall into sin. The world of art sure can diagnose our human sickness and give greater appreciation for what our Lord Jesus Christ has done to redeem and heal us!

Now I guess I'll just have to catch another performance soon, or sit down and actually read the rest of the story.

And on the note of rain, I just received a nice, cool, wet greeting from Porthos and Gimli as they came in from the downpour. (I wonder: what kind of connection to our fallen creation can be made from wet dog smell? ;-) Time to go and find a towel to dry off!


  1. If you like the play so far and like Al Pacino, you might be interested in "Looking for Richard"


    I like both.

  2. Thanks! I do like Al Pacino, and I'll have to check out "Looking for Richard."