08 May 2008

Mac is Back!

Since last Tuesday (4/29) when my hard drive suddenly crashed, life just hasn't been the same. I've had to rely on (gasp!) PC computers and figure out what to do with my time apart from pla ... er, I mean working on the computer. Not to mention all those documents - family pictures and movies, church-related documents, iTunes music, etc. - that I lost in the crash. (I had good intentions of backing things up. Really! It's just that that procrastination gene kept kicking in, and in the end, it just, sorta kicked me in ... the end. ;-)

But now, Mac is back! And with the OS X Leopard designed for dummies just like me - that is, it has this awesome, automatic back up feature called Time Machine. Just plug in an external hard drive, and presto, instant back up. Oh, and so many other cool features that I'm eager to sink my teeth into. (Probably a really good thing that one of my seminary students is preaching this Sunday! ;-)

I know, for some this latest cat in the Mac OS litter is hardly new. When I had to - yes, had to - get my Mac last Fall, I just missed both the Leopard's arrival date as well as the "grandfathering in time" of a couple of weeks before the new OS debut. So, please pardon me while I bask in the glories of the sparkling new OS. Why sparkling? Can't you see the cool time portal in the image above? And when you have open applications, the cute little dock icons have that little sparkly thingy under them to tell you, "Hey, I'm open and ready to be utilized."

It's great to have Mac back! Now, I'll just have to find some other way to use my procrastination gene. :-)


  1. God Bless Macs. I switched my wife and I over to Mac from PC back in November because I did not want to have to us Vista in its horrifying state. I will never own another PC. I am a student at CTSFW and I wish our whole school was switched over. Alas, you can't win all of them over.

  2. Yep, some people just refused to be enlightened! :-)

  3. Soon they will all be Macs. It's just a matter of time now. I still run Tiger on my G4. Probably will go with spots in the summer. I'm always nervous around OS upgrades though I've never had a problem.

  4. Actually, soon they will not all be macs. I switched over to Linux from Windows about four months ago & haven't looked back since. My wife is going to switch, too, here in a few days. We'll keep a Windows machine around as a curiosity, but that's it. Macs are way too expensive for us, whereas Linux is free.

  5. Macs or PC, BACKUPS man!

    Here here for Time Machine. its saved my rear twice since upgrading. Flawless.

  6. Yep, I agree: "Backups man!" It just takes some of us longer to learn that lessons...and the hard way. ;-)

  7. Kevin in IndianaMay 10, 2008 at 9:23 AM

    Can't we all get along. More disunity in our midst? Now you want me to change to a MAC?? Outrageous!! Change? What is Change? I won't change to Mac...I'm old-school Lutheran.

    The new LCMS:
    L-et's all
    C-hange to

    Because they know a good way to crash ;<)

    Now back to the real ISSUE on all our minds.....

    (Congrats on your new computer, glad you like it, just had to be the one guy to stand up for the PC, I love mine. Vista Ultimate)

    Kevin in Indiana

  8. And one guy is about all who will stand up for Vista. Linux is great for tech geeks who love to tinker. Mac OS is the Mazarati of computing. Speed, styling, and the chicks dig it.

  9. Actually, Linux is becoming more desktop friendly every day. I don't have to use the command line or programming language for anything if I don't want to. Try out Ubuntu Linux, which is billed as Linux for human beings.

  10. And I am by no means a tech geek. I like an user friendly, idiot proof operating system.

  11. Pr Asburry,

    Just so you don't feel all alone, I lost all my baby photos last year about two weeks after my 3rd baby was born b/c the mac crashed. Replaced the hard drive still love my mac, but after 5 1/2 years it is starting to seem slow sometimes so I'm saving to buy the new macbook (or powerbook or whatever it is) in the fall! No more PCs here either and I just don't use the things that aren't available for mac. :)

  12. Thanks, Jenn! It's good to know I'm not alone. :-)