07 May 2008

Another District Weighs In

Pr. Weedon notes that the Minnesota South District Board of Directors has now weighed in on the Issues, Etc. matter. Great!

I still have my lingering question, however. With all of the very fine resolutions from District Pastors' Conferences and District Boards of Directors, what happened at the most recent Council of Presidents meeting in which there was "no dissenting vote" when it came to *supporting* David Strand's unilateral decision to cancel Issue, Etc.? Where were the voices in that discussion and vote to defend "talk radio for the thinking Christian"? Did I miss an answer to that question?


  1. I'm left to conclude that the pastors within these districts were not happy with the COP statement and their representation through their DP; hence, the pastoral conference action. Just a theory.

  2. On another blog the DP from Illinois district that passed a pro-IE resolution has written that he regretted agreeing to the COP letter. He said that the resolution was rushed through at the end of the their meeting and that the letter agreed to was much milder than the one they had first been asked to sign. He asked for forgiveness for the lapse in judgement. So he may not be the only one.