06 February 2009

How Sweet It Is

So the Weedons came to St. Louis to play Pinochle with the RAsburrys. It's been far too long since we last bid one another up (or passed to help our partners), laid down the meld (or not), and played the hands for those counter cards (A, 10, K). But at long last, the guys can celebrate the sweetness of victory.

Yes, the guys won! And all three games, I might add. Everything is right with the world. :-)

Sure the women were very gracious in defeat, even as the guys just had to point out that tonight is the way things are ordered to be. However, there was that pretty spurious quote of the evening: "The order of creation has nothing to do with cards."

Well, we guys can be gracious too. :-)

Thanks, William and Cindi, for making the journey and for the good company and card games. A great evening indeed.

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  1. Thanks for hosting and for the joy of helping the ladies remember their place... ;)

    Alright, Rachel. I can already hear your reply: "How... !