12 February 2009

Great Quotes

So I just finished reading Luther's Faith: The Cause of the Gospel in the Church, by French Roman Catholic scholar Daniel Olivier (CPH, 1982). It's a most intriguing look at Luther's writings with a view to calling for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to have its way in the Church of Rome as well as in Protestantism.

Here's a most insightful quote on church politics from Olivier's final chapter:

"Ecclesiastical politics often still uses the methods of earthly powers in pursuing the objectives of Jesus, a practice against which many people across the world rise in revolt. The price to be paid for this stepping outside the ways of the Gospel is heavy, for man's disappointment with the Church leads him most often to atheism." (Olivier, Luther's Faith, p. 164)

Two paragraphs later Olivier gives this appeal to the Word of God:

"One cannot deviate with impunity from the pure apostolic preaching. It is to the Word of God that the faithful must be tied in a time when the results of the Church's word become less and less convincing. 'Blessed . . . are those who hear the Word of God and keep it!' (Luke 11:27)." (p. 164-165)

Great words not only for Olivier's intended audience, but also for all who confess Christ and live in His cross-won forgiveness and resurrection life.

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