18 February 2009

Another Issues, Etc. Petition

If you are interested in showing your support for Issues, Etc., Pr. Wilken and Mr. Schwarz as they are subject to threats of lawsuits by LCMS, Inc., you may sign another petition. (Remember the one from almost a year ago, when the show was suddenly canceled? It was quite the success.)

Mr. Scott Diekmann, LCMS layman and writer of the blog "Stand Firm," has begun a new online petition for showing support to Issues, Wilken and Schwarz in this latest saga (soap opera?) with LCMS, Inc. Scott also posts a letter introducing and explaining the purpose of this new petition.

Caveat: Once you sign the online petition at ipetitions.com, the site will direct you to a page for donating to ipetitions. No, this donation will not go for or benefit Issues, Pr. Wilken, or Mr. Schwarz. Of course, feel free to donate if you wish. Just be clear on where that donation would go.

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