11 April 2008

Prayer for Fervent Love

From Anselm:
Most merciful Lord, turn my lukewarmness into a fervent love of you. Most gentle Lord, my prayer tends towards this--that by remembering and meditating on the good things you have done I may be enkindled with your love. Your goodness, Lord, created me; your mercy cleansed what you had created from original sin; your patience has hitherto borne with me, fed me, waited for me, when after I had lost the grace of my baptism I wallowed in many sordid sins. You wait, good Lord, for my amendment. My soul waits for the inbreathing of your grace in order to be sufficiently penitent to lead a better life. Amen. (cited in For All the Saints: A Prayer Book By and For the Church, vol. III, p. 1139)

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