11 April 2008

Pinochle *without* Cards

I've never played Pinochle *without* cards, but we had a great time nonetheless! Yes, we truly meant to play Pinochle - that was the purpose for which we gathered, and a long time coming, to be sure. The Weedons and Asburrys have a running Pinochle grudge match - the men always beat the ladies(?). The Wilkens and Asburrys used to play Pinochle years ago - and it's high time to resurrect that.

But when we gathered this evening, the cards stayed in their box, and the visiting just kept going on (along with enjoying the antics of Porthos and Gimli). What a great time - just chatting ... and snacking ... and enjoying some adult beverages! Thanks, gang! I needed that - just enjoying and renewing the friendships ... and enjoying lots of laughs.


  1. Last night was a good dose of what Luther called the mutua consolatio fratrum. The mututal consolation of the brethren. (I throw in the Latin because I wouldn't want Randy's fancy Wash. U. Master's Degree to go to waste.)

    The only thing better than having friends is having brothers in Jesus Christ.

    Add in some Edradour, and who could top it?

    Asburrys, Weedons, thanks for being true friends and true brothers to Maria and me.

  2. the picture looks like you pasted Weedon's head onto a high school teenager's body

  3. What, did you think he was ripped like Superman or Arnold, or something? ;-)

  4. I was more referring to the style of shirt. It reminded me of when my dad tried to use the lingo that had been popular amongst us kids.

  5. Let us ask an important question, even though you did not get to play:

    Do you normally play single-deck or double-deck?

    (It makes me glad to hear accounts of brothers having good times. We too often forget to take advantage of that gift.)

  6. You have a degree? Oh well, at least you all had a good time. This is really a good picture.

  7. Ryan,

    We usually play single deck. More of a challenge that way.