11 April 2008

Important Announcement

From the congregational president at Emmaus Lutheran Church here in St. Louis:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Voters’ Assembly of Emmaus Evangelical Lutheran Church, U.A.C. passed a resolution to allow for the use of the church and school buildings for a service of Evening Prayer led by Ordained Ministers on the LCMS roster who are not members of the congregation, and for food and fellowship. The purpose of these events was to provide a service of worship and to offer support for Rev. Todd Wilken and Mr. Jeff Schwarz. This event will take place on April 13th and the service will begin at 5:00pm.

Emmaus is not connected in any way with other planned events organized by persons outside of the congregation.

In Christ,
Joshua Schroeder
President, Emmaus Evangelical Lutheran Church, U.A.C

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