14 April 2008

Issues, Etc. Demonstration Pics

Thanks to my member who calls herself "The Wretch" - a.k.a. Diana - for posting pictures of today's Issues, Etc. demonstration at the LCMS International Center - a.k.a. "Purple Palace"; once named "Synodical Office Building" (you do the acronym! ;-). Check out the pictures here.

Some of us present today were wondering if there has ever been a demonstration like this in front of the "Purple Palace" before. Could this be an historical first?

Pr. Weedon mentioned how much it takes to LUTHERAN to get together and hold signs. At "the event" Pr. Henrickson told the Post-Dispatch reporter that it does indeed take A LOT to get Lutherans to do something like this - so this must be a good-sized issue. I agree with them both! So, a big thanks to all who showed up to ask "Why?" and to call attention to some simple, plain ol' injustice.

In addition to thanking all of the about 80 people who showed up, I'll give a personal, pastoral "Thank you" to the several members of Hope who showed up. Could we have been the congregation most represented? By my count, 14 members of Hope (including myself) were present. No, this is not me being boastful, just proud of those who want to and do support Todd, Jeff, and Issues, Etc.

(BTW, that black arrow "The Wretch" put on the picture pointing me out - let's see how long it takes for it to turn into a nice, neon-red target on my back. But as one member said, "We like it that way. That way we know where to follow!" Thanks ... I think. ;-)


  1. There's a far better picture of you and Mr. Augsburg1530 (Brandon) at
    One Lutheran...Ablog!

    So don't blame me for that target!

    Now we just need to call a special voters meeting to vote on our resolution.

  2. Voting on a resolution? Sure! A special voters meeting? Hmmm. :-)

  3. Oops! I don't think that came out quite right. I meant to respond to your next post regarding congregations making resolutions regarding Issues, Etc.

  4. hey, we had four members from St. Peter's in Evansville, IL up there (a smaller congregation than Hope, I'm sure), and we had to drive an hour to get there. Granted, nine month old Timothy didn't have much say in the matter, but he seemed happy to be there.
    We also had 3 out of 7 pastors from our circuit there.

  5. Great turn out, James! Thanks to all of you from Evansville, IL.