08 June 2011

Homily for Seventh Sunday of Easter

For Sunday's homily on the Seventh Sunday of Easter (Exaudi), I focused on Jesus' words to His disciples in John 15:26-16:4 (specifically, 15:26-27) that they would also - in addition to the Holy Spirit - bear witness to Him. With the theme and title, "Yes, You Will Bear Witness," I chose to use and expand on a favorite quote from Dr. Robert Kolb about how we Christians can never lay aside our call to witness; we can only practice it better or worse. Here's the full quote from Dr. Kolb:
"Believers are also called to give witness to their faith and the hope which lies within them. As a matter of fact, we cannot do otherwise. Our peace is reflected in our actions and raises questions from those who do not have it. when it is not reflected in our actions, we still are giving witness. Those who know we are Christians form impressions of Christ from our lives, whether good or bad. Those who do not know we are Christian still see some glimpse of what gives us our ultimate sense of identity, security, and meaning, and whether it is working or not. Our call to witness is one which we can never lay aside or avoid. We can only practice it better or worse." (Dr. Robert Kolb, Teaching God’s Children His Teaching, 8-10)
To listen to "Yes, You Will Bear Witness," click on this link and download the audio file.

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