08 June 2011

Dirty Spending Secrets

WARNING: Political Content Ahead!

It's sure to make your stomach turn, your hair curl, your eyes fill with gunk, and perhaps even make you just plain mad as..., but you really do need to check out www.dirtyspendingsecrets.com. Just how are the self-serving and corrupt politicians in Washington D.C. overspending our hard earned money that they confiscate from us? Check out their dirty little secrets.

And then they claim we need to pay more, or that some don't pay "their fair share"?

And somehow they cannot bring themselves actually to cut spending?

Oh, and by the way, it's not hard to figure out the answers to the questions. I got every one of the correct simply by "thinking big."

And then remember all of this dirt when it comes election time ... again and again and again.

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