12 June 2008

Check out

...the new pictures of the new Issues, Etc. studio and office space in the making over at Augsburg 1530. Cool stuff to see the beginnings of the "Issues, Etc. Arising." (BTW, don't for a minute believe that Schwarz' desk will stay that neat and clean, especially when the real work of producing a radio program resumes! :-)


  1. Sir, with all due respect I think I have to throw down the eighth commandment card on this one.

  2. This is so exciting to see. I can't wait for the program to start.

    As for a possible messy Schwarz desk, I am a believer that a messy desk is evidence of real work getting done. ;)

  3. "Anonymous,"

    Ah, "the eighth commandment card"! A pesky little thing where a little humor is involved! :-)

    No disrespect was intended toward Mr. Schwarz at all. In fact, the little smiley face "emoticon" denotes an attempt at humor (however feeble).

    If you *are not* Jeff Schwarz disguised by that name "Anonymous," you should have seen his desk at his previous place of employ. It was a work of legend, and I can only assume that he knew how to find things on it! :-)

    If you *are* Jeff Schwarz in disguise, then I dare you to post pictures of your desk, say, a year into the new incarnation of the show. :-)

    Pr. Gallas may be right: a messy desk is a sign of real work getting done. At least I like to claim that when *my* desk gets messy. :-)