03 October 2010

The Truth about Tax Returns

Okay, I'll admit it. I used to think that that tax refund check that came in the spring of the year was pretty sweet. After all, it did seem like "free money" or a "big bonus." But then I learned the truth: it was always my money. I had just "given" too much to the federal government in the form of withholding from my paycheck! Not a wise way to manage the money that God Himself gives.

I know many people think that the tax refund check is pretty sweet. After all, they can use it to pay a bill (We see this quite a bit with our day school and back tuition payments.), to spring for something special (like a new TV or computer?), or just plain to think that they got lucky and won some kind of lottery.

Actually, the truth still remains: that money has always been yours. If you're getting a sizable "refund" from Uncle Sam's IRS, then you're loaning too much to Uncle Sam in the first place, and not getting any interest back for your "generosity." Wouldn't you rather use your money yourself, rather than let government bureaucrats and politicians decide how "best" (Do I hear pork calls and sounds of earmarks?) to use the money that God gives you to manage?

Here's a series of helpful articles over at MoneyPlan SOS - Financial Coach that helps understand the problem with withholding too much, receiving too big a tax refund, and how to correct the problem:

Tax Refunds: Part 1 (Tax Liability)
Tax Refunds: Part 2 (Withholding)
Tax Refunds: Part 3 (Tax Returns)
Tax Refunds: Part 4 (The REFUND)

Be sure to check back with the financial coach for future articles. I'm sure they will be just as helpful as these first installments.

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  1. Mr. Ashburry, your recent post honored me. Thank you so much for seeing value in the "Tax Refund" posts and sharing it with your readers. Feel free to contact me with any questions from your congregation or topic suggestions for future articles.

    Thank you again. Keep spreading the good news!

    Steve Stewart