03 October 2010

Homily for Anniversary of the Congregation

Hope Sanctuary - January 6, 2008
Since Lutheran Service Book offers propers for observing the Anniversary of a Congregation, we decided a while back to set aside the first Sunday in October each year to thank God for His blessings given to Hope through her history. And we did just that today. October 8 is the official anniversary date - the date in 1916 when Hope congregation held its first worship service in what was called "The Portable Chapel." As mentioned in the homily we really can thank a mailman - humanly speaking, of course - for the beginning of this congregation when this part of St. Louis City was still farmland transitioning into city outskirts.

Hope Lutheran Church, built 1930
The homily, "Hope in St. Louis," gives a good bit of Hope's history because many who are newer to the congregation have never learned it. To listen, just click this link and then download the audio file.

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