25 January 2008

Most Interesting

A few weeks ago my secretary showed me an ad in the local paper. It announced a "Roman Catholic class" led by a Roman Catholic priest at St. Paul's *Lutheran* Church in Des Peres (a suburb of St. Louis). That piqued my curiosity and interest! "Why would a sister Lutheran Church hold a class on Roman Catholicism?" I wondered.

Well, it turns out that St. Paul's regularly holds their "Institute on Theology," organized by Dr. James Voelz, for the parish and the community. This round is titled "Roman Catholicism in the Early 21st Century: Which Way under Pope Benedict XVI?" (the paper did not quite get it right! :-) and is led by Fr. Gregory Lockwood, a former LCMS pastor now Roman Catholic priest here in the St. Louis area. In fact, Fr. Lockwood is a student of Dr. Voelz and the two of them have continued and maintained their friendship and their theological conversations over the years.

Anyway, these sessions are most interesting in getting to know the Roman Catholic Church from the honest and open perspective of a Roman Catholic priest. If you are interest in partaking of these informative and thoughtful presentations, you can listen to them here, at the website of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Des Peres, MO.

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