31 January 2008

All You Works of the Lord...

You dews and frost, bless the Lord;
you frost and cold, bless the Lord;
you ice and snow, bless the Lord:
Praise Him and magnify Him forever. (LSB 931:5)

What a wonderful blessing our gracious Lord and God has sent the St. Louis area: SNOW! At last a winter storm we can be proud of (at least for a day or two, until it melts off in this crazy, up and down St. Louis weather)! Some may fear such a phenomenon (watch out for many St. Louis drivers on snowy days), others may not like playing in it very much (see Pr. Weedon's blog - but I'll give him a break since he was probably returning home from, and thus properly fatigued from, celebrating The Purification of Mary and the Presentation of Our Lord two days early :-), however, I love it! Here are some pictures from my neck of the woods on this glorious snowy evening (Oh yeah, did I mention the snow day we get tomorrow? No school, and a relaxed pace for getting things done...or having snow ball fights, etc.!).

The parsonage at Hope. (The church is to the left, across the parking lot.)

A cool view of the side doors into the church at Hope.

The side of the church, across "our" parking lot from the parsonage (Yes, it's "our" parking lot, and we loan it to the church for those who come for services and other activities. :-)

Gimli after playing in the snow for a while. (Just before the picture was taken, he had a much fuller "snow mustache" on his whiskers.)

Porthos sporting some snow tossed on him by my daughter.

And a favorite snow day tradition in our home: "snow ice cream" (made with milk, vanilla, and sugar mixed in).

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