07 February 2014

A great, concise, and spot-on post from Scott Diekmann, over at steadfastlutherans.org:

Thrivent: We Don’t Need Your Blood Money

February 7th, 2014 Post by
“Think of the things you can do with that money,
Choose any charity – give to the poor.
We’ve noted your motives – we’ve noted your feelings,
This isn’t blood money – it’s a fee nothing,
Fee nothing, fee nothing more…”
So said Caiaphas to Judas as they enticed him to betray Jesus in the 1970 rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.  We all know the ending of Judas’ story.  There’s a similar tragedy for the unborn lurking in the wings of the real life drama know as Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.
BJS previously reported on Thrivent’s position allowing Choice dollars and the Gift Multiplier program to be used in support of pro-abortion organizations .  Thrivent has now had time to reflect on their policies and have issued a new “neutrality policy” which reads in part:
Thrivent Financial is a membership organization of Christians and works with many different members who hold a variety of – and at times divergent – views and beliefs. It respects the differences of its members and does not independently or on behalf of its members, advisors or employees provide outreach funding or support to organizations and issues that distract, or have the potential to distract, from its common purpose, which is to guide its members and society to be wise with money and live generously.
According to Thrivent, if I designate my Thrivent Choice dollars to go to an organization that protects the unborn (which they no longer allow) I would be distracting from their purpose “to be wise with money and live generously.”  I can’t think of a way to live more generously than by protecting another human being’s life.  Today my wife and I cashed in the remaining funds that we had with Thrivent – we want no part of your blood money.  Abortion is not “neutral.”
It’s likely that Thrivent’s decision will prompt Lutheran organizations to discontinue their acceptance of funds from the Thrivent Choice Program.  Please consider supporting these organizations in other ways.  For those organizations that continue to accept Thrivent funds, you might consider sending them a helpful note reminding them that there comes a time when principle overrides profit.  Thrivent, we don’t need your blood money.

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