01 April 2012

Homily for Palm Sunday/Sunday of the Passion

So the holiest week of the Christian year begins. The Divine Service began with the procession with palms and the reading of the Palm Sunday Gospel. This year we chose to use John 12:12-19. For the Sunday of the Passion we chose to use an alternate Gospel reading--the one used in the SELK lectionary--John 12:20-36, the continuation of the processional Gospel.

In this Gospel reading some Greeks approach Philip and ask him: "Sir, we wish to see Jesus." This request leads to Jesus revealing when and how we get to see him, namely, when He suffers and dies. Like a grain of wheat, our Lord falls to the earth and dies, but in His dying He "bears much fruit," namely, forgiveness, life and salvation for us.

Today's homily, "We Wish to See Jesus," picks up on the request of the Greeks. Our loving Lord wants us to seek and see Him, but only where He has promised to be seen, where He is lifted up in order to draw all people to Himself.

To listen to "We Wish to See Jesus," click here and download the audio file.

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