01 March 2012

"Mr. President, I Still Believe"

The good folks over at ManhattanDeclaration.org are putting forth a petition to send to President Obama regarding his Administration's assault on religious liberty via the healthcare law and the recent HHS mandate compelling religious organization to provide drugs and services that go against their faith. The petition asks the President to reconsider his recent decisions and actions and actually to return to upholding the U.S. Constitution as he swore to do.

I just signed the petition, and I highly encourage you to sign it as well. To sign the petition, "Mr. President, I Still Believe," go here.

Here's the text of the petition in its entirety:
Dear President Obama,

I am deeply disappointed at your recent failure to protect religious liberty in the context of the HHS preventive care mandate. As Americans we are used to having political and religious disagreements. But we should all be able to agree that the government should not force religious people and institutions to provide drugs and services that violate their faith.

The recent statement from HHS that it will give religious objectors one extra year to change their religious views added insult to injury. It is as if you are saying to religious people "We respect your religious views so much that we'll give you one extra year to abandon them." Religious principles have no expiration date. True protection for religious liberty--the kind required by the Constitution you swore to uphold and the federal laws you are obliged to enforce--requires a broad religious exemption, one that protects any person or institution from being forced to provide services in violation of sincerely held religious beliefs.

Please reconsider your administration's actions and order HHS to provide the kind of broad protection for religious liberty that our laws require. Doing so would honor the sacrifices of those who fought and died to give us our freedoms. It would allow religious employers across the country to stay in business and keep offering health insurance to their employees. And it would pay tribute to the great heritage of religious diversity upon which this great nation was built.
Again, to sign Manhattan Declaration's petition to President Obama, go here.

To read and sign the Manhattan Declaration itself, go here.

(It is something to watch the ticker keep going up as it indicates a steady stream of signers!)

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