19 April 2011

Video Catechesis on Confession

"Our churches teach that private Absolution should be retained in the churches, although listing all sins is not necessary for Confession. For, according to the Psalm, it is impossible. 'Who can discern his errors?' (Psalm 19:12)." (Augsburg Confession, XI)

"...the Power of the Keys administers and presents the Gospel through Absolution, which is the true voice of the Gospel." (Apology of the Augsburg, XII:39)

"So we teach what a splendid, precious, and comforting thing Confession is.... If you were a Christian, then you ought to be happy to run more than a hundred miles to Confession and not let yourself be urged to come. You should rather come and compel us [pastors] to give you the opportunity.... When I urge you to go to Confession, I am doing nothing else than urging you to be a Christian." (Martin Luther, Large Catechism, Exhortation to Confession, 26, 28, 30, 32)

Or, to teach it visually:

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