15 July 2008


...I've not fallen off the face of the earth!

Just been tending to other obligations: a wedding and a funeral, with the necessary rehearsals, preparations, and dinners, all in one weekend; getting used to my glorious new iPhone (via Christmas gift money just waiting to be used :-) ; preparing for a three-hour seminar and a one-hour workshop at the LCMS Commission on Worship's "Institute on Liturgy, Preaching, and Church" music next week; trying to get ready for vacation after that; getting used to my new iPhone and getting it set up for optimum performance; oh, yeah, trying to keep up with regular parish duties (visits, sermon preparations, Bible class preparations), and did I say getting acquainted with my new iPhone? (What a cool gadget! :-)

So, while I'm taking my break from seminar and workshop preparations (or procrastinating?), I'll take a few moments and post the homilies from this past weekend.

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