13 December 2013

On "Steadfast Throwdown"

A while back I wrote an article for Brothers of John the Steadfast titled "Children in Church." As I write this post, that article has been read 1847 times and received 24 thoughtful comments (Looks like a lot to me!).

Pastor Eric Andersen, also an author at steadfastlutherans.org, is beginning a new project designed to broadcast the content and topics found at Steadfast. Using Google Hangouts, he wants to take on the "theological nonsense" that often rears its head, and he calls the broadcast "Steadfast Throwdown." He invited me to be his first guest for an interview on "Children in Church" (and a few other things, as it turned out).

Watch episode 1 of "Steadfast Throwdown," and my introduction to catechizing via YouTube:

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