10 June 2012

Be sure to listen...

...to "The Morning Show" on KFUO Radio this week!

Two very special guests will join us.

On Monday, 11 June, a very important guest will join us in the second half of the 8:00 hour.

On Wednesday, 13 June (first half of the 8:00 hour), we will interview Mr. Timothy Goeglein.

Goeglein now serves as Vice President with Focus on the Family, but formerly he served in the George W. Bush Administration in the Office of Public Liaison for almost eight years.

We'll talk with Tim about his book, The Man in the Middle, in which he gives insights into the Bush White House, the character of our 43rd President, as well as some stunning and self-less forgiveness that President Bush showed to Goeglein and his family.

"The Morning Show"
7:00-9:00 a.m., Central Time
AM 850, in greater St. Louis
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