29 February 2012

Homily for Lent 1 - Invocabit

The Gospel reading for the First Sunday in Lent, Matthew 4:1-11, presents us with our previously baptized Lord Jesus, the Son of  God, as He endures and conquers the temptations of the devil. We certainly face many and sundry temptations, and it is great comfort to hear the Good News of Jesus conquering those temptations and forgiving us when we fall.

This year, however, I chose not to focus on the temptations, but rather on the doubt. Yes, doubt. The tempter uses the tactic of doubt when he seeks to lure Jesus into breaking His fast: "If you are the Son of God...." It was the same tactic the sly, satanic foe used in the Garden of Eden: "Did God really say...?"

Not only does Jesus, our great High Priest, conquer the temptations Satan hurls our way, but He also overcomes the doubts, especially the doubts about who and Whose we are.

Click here, download the audio file, and listen to "Overcoming the Doubt(s)."

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