06 January 2012

Homily for Epiphany of Our Lord

Hope's Nativity Scene
Historically, Epiphany used to be a grander feast than Christmas, but these days one must search for congregations that celebrate this great festival on its actual day, January 6. That's one reason I like to say: "There is Hope in St. Louis." :-)

As we do each year, this evening's Divine Service showcased the Hope Kantorei (children's choir) as we heard the Good News of the Son of God revealing Himself to the nations. In the homily we heard how "Actions Speak Louder than Words," that is, how God's actions of revealing Himself and redeeming us speak loudly and clearly - that is, in fulfilling His promises for all nations and for sinners such as us.

To listen to "Actions Speak Louder than Words," click here and download the audio file ... and remember that our Lord Jesus, the Word made flesh, reveals Himself for you.

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