17 October 2011

Homily for Trinity 16

That old enemy "Death" is certainly no respecter of persons or ages! On Tuesday, 4 October the enemy appeared to conquer 82 year old Rev. Harvey Groth, formerly faithful pastor at Emmaus in St. Louis and recently Visitation Pastor here at Hope. However, we took comfort from our Lord's victory over the grave with the service of Christian Burial on Saturday, 8 October.

Then later that night, the deadly foe appeared to take 4-month old Elizabeth Bahr, daughter of former Hope field-education student, Mike Bahr - now faithful pastor in Winchester, IL. But the Lord's great, eternal victory over death still gives comfort! Even though she was given Christian burial, it is such comfort to trust that she is resting - whole and healed - with our risen Lord Jesus ... and she will greet us, especially her Mom and Dad, on the Last Day around the throne of the Lamb.

How fitting it was, then, to proclaim a little bit of Easter in October! The Gospel reading for Trinity 16, Jesus raising the son of the widow at Nain (Luke 7:11-17). With the help of Johann Gerhard, it was sheer joy and comfort to proclaim the "Radical Resurrection Life" in which our Lord Himself conquers all three kinds of death.

Click here to download the audio file and listen to "Radical Resurrection Life."

It was a great honor to proclaim this resurrection message for the Bahr family as they attended Hope the morning after our Lord took Elizabeth home to be with Him. May our risen Savior continue to comfort you, Mike, Amber, and the rest of the Bahr family!

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