09 September 2011

Large Catechism, Commandments 4-10

Here are two links to the audio from yesterday's (9/8/11) "Studio A" program on KFUO in which host Roland Lettner and I discuss Commandments 4-10 a la Luther's Large Catechism. These commandments direct us in how God wants us to live with and serve our neighbor and the persons and things in our neighbor's life--even protecting our neighbor from us in our sinful words and deeds! But, as Luther reminds us, these commandments also teach us many salutary good works in which we serve our neighbor in our daily vocations and thus glorify our Father in heaven.

Since this week's installment ran 4:30-5:30 (CT), thus bridging the top of the hour break, you'll have to go to two different links to listen:

For the first half of the show (4:30-5:00), click here, and our Large Catechism segment begins at the half-way point.

For the second half (5:00-5:30), click here and simply listen to the first half of that hour.

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