14 July 2011

Great Pro-Life News in Missouri!

Here's some great news from Joe Ortwerth at the Missouri Family Policy Council. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is "allowing" - that is, letting it become law without his signature - a new law that bans late-term abortions in the State of Missouri. While that course of action does indeed say something about Gov. Nixon's leanings and/or political alliances and allegiances, let's thank him for *not* standing in the way of or thwarting the good, common sense, pro-life leanings and will of the people of Missouri! (Would that more government officials, at all levels and on a variety of issues, would do nothing and hold their activist tendencies in check! After all, that's what our nation's founders had in mind.) Here's the great pro-life news:

Late-Term Abortion Ban to Become Law !

Dear Friend of the Family:

We are pleased to share the good news that Governor Nixon has decided to allow our legislation restricting late-term abortions to become law.  The Governor has announced this afternoon his decision to allow Senate Bill 65 and House Bill 213 to become law without his signature.  This is a stupendous victory for the cause of life.

Healthy viable preborn children in Missouri will no longer be vulnerable to the beastly practice of late-term abortion.  This new law serves notice to doctors who specialize in this barbaric business:  Destroy the lives of innocent viable unborn children, and your days in the operating room are over.

We commend Governor Nixon for respecting the pro-life sentiments of the citizens of Missouri and permitting these life-saving bills to become law.  We salute the members of the Missouri Legislature for their courageous action to protect children from the brutal behavior of sleazy late-term abortionists.  Thanks to their efforts, Missouri now has a constitutionally defensible law that puts an end to this repugnant practice.

Please take time to be in prayer and thank God for this important victory in our state for the sanctity of human life.
Joe Ortwerth

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