12 June 2011

Homily for the Feast of Pentecost

"Come, Holy Spirit, come, and fill the hearts of Your people. Alleluia. Alleluia."

On this great festal day of Pentecost we brought Eastertide to a close and began to move into the non-festival half of the Church Year. Through it all the Holy Spirit comes to fill our hearts with the words of and works of our Lord Jesus Christ. As He did with St. Peter, the Holy Spirit also leads us to speak and hear the wonderful works of God in our own tongues (languages).

Today's homily, "Speaking the Wonderful Works of God," took us beyond the Epistle Reading of Acts 2:1-21 to include the fullness of St. Peter's Pentecost sermon. After all, the Feast of Pentecost misses the crucial point if it does not bring to our remembrance what our Lord Jesus Christ has done for us (John 14:26).

Click here, download the audio file, and listen to today's homily.

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