15 April 2011

Welcome to "The RAsburry Patch"!

Welcome, readers, followers, and curious onlookers, to "The RAsburry Patch." This blog is not really new, but rather a continuation of my blog of the past four years, "RAsburry's Res," only with a new name, new address, and new look.

Why have I moved from the old blog site to this new one?

  • I just plain wanted to.
  • It's time for a newer, crisper, more colorful look.
  • I'm ready for a new name that's more easily accessible. 
  • (Yeah, four years ago I thought I'd be smart with the Latin word "res" and its alliteration with "RAsburry," but it's time for less explanation and easier access.)
  • The notion of a raspberry patch and random pickings from it fits quite nicely with my "online presence" (RAsburry).

I hope you'll enjoy and return to the new name and address (remember, much easier access!), with the newer, cleaner, more colorful look, yet also with the same interests and posts that I've posted and will continue to post. Here you'll find all of the posts and comments from my previous blog as well as future posts.

Oh, and while were introducing, please say "Hi" in the comments and introduce yourself, here, for me, and for posterity.


  1. Hehe. rasburry patch. I like it. xD

  2. Love the new look - perhaps too much. I'm sitting here drooling on my keyboard (raspberries are my favorite)! Congratulations.
    Saint Johns, MI

  3. Yes rasberries are the best! Great job on the blog Pr Asburry.