09 September 2010

You go, Gov.!!!

Get a load of this exchange between NJ Governor Chris Christie and a disgruntled NJ public school teacher. With such clear common sense and simple, logical facts on his side - not to mention his tell-it-as-he-sees-it approach - I say we clone him 49 times over and fill all the rest of the governors' mansions and offices with him. How refreshing to see and hear a public official strive to have his state live within its means!

HT: theblaze.com


  1. The average teacher salary in Jersey is 55K plus total insurance? And 4.9% yearly raises. Maybe I should move to Jersey...

  2. I had seen part of this on the news a while back. It was great to see the whole thing. I don't think people will consider him as ready in 2012, but I do think he is one of the best governors we have out there.