12 March 2010


...here's my long lost blog!

Well, I wish I could claim that I had lost it, but I knew where it was this whole past year. I wish I could claim that I had forgotten just how to access it, but I did remember how ... and just didn't. I wish I could say that my year long hiatus (sabbatical?) from blogging was intentional, but it wasn't. I hadn't planned it out, and I certainly hadn't grown any aversion to it.

The truth is: life happened.

One year ago today I posted my last entry, though not with the intention to take any time off, let alone 365 whole days. After last year's final post, family things such as robotics competitions and high school graduations happened, sabbatical trips and private retreats were taken, and I got reacquainted with my basement woodworking shop. At this time last year Mrs. RAsburry and I also dove head first into Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University" and can now very proudly and unabashedly scream: "WE'RE DEBT FREE!" (More on that down the road, I'm sure.)

Life just sort of happened.

Within this past year I returned to my parish duties after a much-needed and ever-appreciated sabbatical. I continued attending the most excellent sessions of DOXOLOGY and its advanced training in pastoral care and counsel. And I have thoroughly enjoyed (yes!) getting back into parish duties of preaching Christ crucified and risen, giving out His healing, life-giving Sacraments, teaching the Scriptures and the Catechism, and giving pastoral counsel and visits as needed. (However, the jury is still out on whether I've enjoyed getting back to things such as voters meetings! :-)

Life happened.

I wish I could say that I thought about making my return to blogging at the 3 month mark, but truthfully that milestone came and went before I realized it.

Just having to much fun with life happening last summer, I guess.

I did think about getting back the swing of blogging at the six-month mark ... and then again at the nine-month mark ... and, well ...

Yep, life happened again (not complaining about it; just enjoying it these days).

Suffice it to say that I couldn't resist diving back into the realm of blogging on this, the one-year anniversary of my last post. I guess it's time to stir, or fold, this blogging stuff back in with all of the other ingredients of life that gladly happens. There is something to *wanting* to get back into an activity such as this rather than doing it merely in order to keep up others or feeling as though "I must."

So, if there are still any who might read the posts at this spot in cyberspace, thanks for being patient ... or waking up ... or returning to paying attention ... or whatever. I hope you'll welcome me back into the "conversation."


  1. Yes, welcome back!

    I always enjoy your insights and quips! :-)

    Rich Heinz