20 August 2008

Speaking of Divorce

Today I had the privilege of joining in the "Pastors' Roundtable" on Issues, Etc. during the first hour (3:05-4:00 p.m., CDT). We were given the topic of divorce and discussed questions such as:

  • Does God hate divorce?
  • Why do Christians divorce at the same rate as the rest of society? and
  • How does a pastor deal with various aspects of divorce, such as a husband deserting his wife, remarriage, remarriage, and what to do with the anger and blame that come with divorce?

If you missed it, I'm sure you'll be able to listen to the round table discussion here as soon as the web savvy folks at Issues, Etc. post the audio file (Of course, if you've subscribed to the iTunes podcast of the show, it will download as normal.)

And, just for fun, guess which comment generated the most email to Issues, Etc.:

1. Pr. Curtis' comments about contraception,


2. Pr. Fisk's comments about the husband (head of the family) bearing the ultimate responsibility for the marriage.

Listen, then let me know in your comments here. After due course I'll let you know what producer Jeff Schwarz told us after the show.


  1. Oooh, can't wait! The pastor roundtables are definitely a highlight of the restart.

    FYI: I've caught two other negative mentions of contraception in the last few weeks. Maybe Todd/jeff will take it up again.

  2. Yes, more discussion of the contraception matter would be very helpful.

  3. I heard the broadcast and it sounded good. Did you read the advice today (8/20) in the Post-Dispatch? It seemed as though there was a parallel there.
    Just on more question--is Todd trying to get all the pastors of all the Hopes in the metro area on the broadcast? :)

  4. Pastor,

    I have listened to all the broadcasts via download since the show returned. I hope that all of the previous listeners have returned and many new ones as well.

    The divorce show of course was very good. Our adult bible study class just spent a couple of sessions on Mark 10's discussion of divorce, and the roundtable was very supportive.

  5. Orianna,

    No, I didn't see the advice in the Post-Dispatch, but I will certainly check it out. As for the pastors from all the Hopes in the area, that would be a pretty short list--just because there are only a couple of Hopes, as I recall! But they are trying to assemble a pretty good cadre of local pastors for this Roundtable feature of the show.

  6. Kevin,

    I do believe that the on-demand listeners are their bread and butter. As I recall, they also set some kind of record on their first day back for the streaming service - www.live365.com - that they use. It's probably safe to say that listeners are indeed coming back and increasing.

  7. So, Jeff said it was Rev. Fisk's comment that generated more response, right?

  8. Now, "dizziness," what's up with cheating and asking Jeff for the answer to my little challenge? :-)

    Yep, you're right. I think we were all surprise at that one, especially Jeff. I mean, I thought for sure that Pr. Curtis' comments about contraception would surely derail us from the whole topic of divorce. ;-)