14 October 2007

Doggedly Determined

So last week I was playing around with my two favorite Beagles (okay, they were playing and I decided to butt in on their fun :-).

Just for the record, their names are Porthos (red collar) and Gimli (blue collar), and, yes, they are actual brothers, or litter mates. The name "Porthos," of course, comes from the Three Musketeers (but I must admit that we stole the idea from Star Trek: Enterprise, in which Captain Jonathan Archer's beagle is named Porthos). The name "Gimli," of course, comes from the entertaining dwarf in Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy. (Hey, we wanted to be original! :-)

So, I joined my dogs at play, when they were wrestling each other and chasing each other over a milk jug. (Recyclables are great...and inexpensive...toys! A bit like the hours of fun my brothers and I had with the cardboard box that the new refrigerator came in, I suppose.) Well, Porthos and Gimli weren't just going to let me take their new favorite toy away! And they kind of add new meaning to "doggedly determined," as you can see here (yes, they are hanging about 8-9 inches off the floor!).


  1. Some blogs are going to the dogs, I think. :)


  2. Oh, first I get to meet Lucy in cyberspace on Pastor Weedon's blog and now these two adorable canines on your blog!

    And a Porthos yet -- any connection to the Porthos of Star Trek "Enterprise" fame?

    What a cuddly looking pair of canines!

  3. Arrrgh, and if I had taken the trouble to focus my eyeballs and read farther down I would have seen your explicit statement about Star Trek Enteprise.

    Mea culpa!

    I think that's where I really became charmed by beagles (without, of course, denying my beloved cream colored Chow Chow who when he was a puppy looked like a polar bear cub with cinnamon ears).

    Your beagles are delightful!

  4. Ezekiel,

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! That's what one of my members, who lurks here, said too. Oh well, I guess some folks just can't let cute, four-legged, domestic critters be part of their theology? :-)


    Glad you found my admission that we stole the name Porthos from Star Trek. Yes, it's one of my favorite shows (or should I say *five* of my favorite shows?). BTW, I'm delighted that you find my beagles delightful. Now, will you please set Ezekiel straight for me? :-)

  5. I enjoy Star Trek Enterprise too, very much.

    Now as for Ezekiel and the dogs; perhaps he will be kind enough to join me in repeating "In wisdom Thou hast made them all, the earth is full of Thy creatures" at least 25 times!

    I'm betting the beagles would agree!

  6. LOL!

    Well, Ezekiel, how about it? :-)