08 September 2007

Big Day Tomorrow!

I know tomorrow is the Lord's Day and, once again, I am privileged to preside at the Lord's Table and distribute God's gift of life in His Eucharist. I even have a seminary student preaching a very fine sermon, and so my "load" will be lighter. And, to make it all that much more enjoyable, I'll begin a Bible Class study on the Augsburg Confession. (Talk about leading Lutherans to see just how "catholic" they really are! ;-) All in all, a very big day.

But these are not the things that occupy my mind through the hours of today! No, the coming "Big Day" that captures my attention today is...are you ready?...opening day for the St. Louis Rams' regular season!! Yes, NFL football is back, and am I looking forward to watching "my Rams" again. Oh, I've been a Rams fan since I was a kid, when they were the Los Angeles Rams (and when they'd always make it to the playoffs but routinely get eliminated by either Minnesota or Dallas). But now that the Rams and I are in the same city? Well, it makes for an awfully contagious enjoyment of football season! So, here's to a good season for the Rams - may they kick some...er, I mean, have a winning season!

By the way, do I have to go to confession for wanting to exit church as soon as possible to make it home for the 12:00 noon kickoff? :-)


  1. No. You need to go to confession for liking FOOTBALL that much! ;)

    Go Redskins!

  2. "Redskins"? Are they some college team? ;-)